About Dragon Slayor

Dragon Slayor [sic] is a book three of us wrote in fifth grade, back in 1983. It's in the style of a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book: every page will give you a short description of what happened, and you can turn to a choice of pages to see what happens next.

In 2015 I decided I should digitize it. I don't have strong design skills, so please forgive the unimaginative page layout. That said, I hope you can enjoy reading through the book. And good luck getting to the end!

If you look carefully at the cover pages, you might realize that we "laminated" the cover with scotch tape. Thirty-two years later, and it's still holding up!

The book has a number of grammar and spelling mistakes. I fixed some in the web page, and I left others, at my whim.

Alain wrote most of the story in terrible handwriting. If you see a page neatly written, it means that Mark carefully erased the text and re-wrote it in neat handwriting. I'm still awed by his patience and artistry. My handwriting remains poor.

Dragon Slayor (yes, we misspelled Slayer) was written by:

Copyright 1983 by Alain Roy, Mark DeMier, and Eric Miller